Desley Faulks

International Instructor

Desley comes from a background of over 24 years of hands-on experience in the Healing Industry. Her introduction to the healthcare Industry came from working in Mackay to establishing my own successful business west of Mackay in North Qld where the Bowen Technique was our Major modality.

Cher Capra

Office Manager / Registered Practitioner

Cher has been in Bowen industry since 1998, Cher is the office manager at BHTC handling clinic and Bowen training inquiries.

Darren Black

Registered Practitioner

Darren has been working & studying Bowen therapy since February 2013. Darren was very surprised with this modality of Bowen Therapy in how fast it works on the body. Darren donates a day, once a month to homeless by giving treatments of Bowen therapy.

Jasmine Melhop