What to Expect?

Your therapist and the Bowen treatments help you to reset your body. You can assist the therapy by following a few simple rules:

Preferably do not apply any other modality 4 days prior to a Bowen treatment and 5 days after treatment, otherwise you may be asked to reschedule your Bowen appointment.

• Increase your water intake. Aim is 6 to 8 cups.
• When being seated for longer periods, get up and walk a few steps at least every 30 minutes after treatments on your body.
• Avoid vigorous contact sport.
• No hot or cold packs.

• Ring your therapist if there appears to be a problem.
IMPORTANT: do not apply another treatment within the next 4 days. This allows the body to begin the healing process. Other therapies may interrupt this process.

• Continue to drink sufficient amounts of water.
• Take your weight evenly on both feet when getting out of bed, out of a chair, out of a car, etc.
• Observe and read your body for changes.
• Good posture will enhance your treatment.